Style Guide

These are the official TrackShip image resources and styles that you can include on your webpage or in printed material.


The primary logo should be used on white backgrounds, and white logo used on dark backgrounds. Please only use the white logo on TrackShip Green, or backgrounds with grays of 60% (#666666) or darker. The square should only be used to match the style of other nearby elements, and the “TrackShip” Small Logo should only be used in cases where the TrackShip logo’s text becomes difficult to read (below 60px).

Which file type should I use?

  • Print: .ai/.svg : Our files are in the RGB color space, so please manually switch them to our PMS or CMYK colors if you are printing.
  • Web: .png/.svg : .svg‘s are generally preferable because they look great on all pixel-density screens, but can have issues with certain browsers, especially IE.

Primary logo, on light background

Secondary logo, on Dark background

Small Trackship Logomark

Primary Colors

If representing TrackShip outside of the official website or printed materials, please only use one of our blues unless you consult us first.

Trackship Dark Primary Brand Color

Hex #3c4858
RGB 60, 72, 88

Trackship Green Secondary Brand Color

Hex #59c889
RGB 89, 200, 137

Trackship Aqua Tertiary, accent color

Hex #59c889
RGB 89, 200, 137