About Yanwen

Yanwen Express is a large Chinese company specializing in express delivery (including international delivery), as well as providing a full range of logistics services. The company began its activities in 1998. … In total, the company has more than 300 vehicles. Express delivery is available to 123 countries.

Mainly shipping the registered mail in China, Hong Kong, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Lithuania, along wth YANWEN express, YANWEN line, meanwhile, agents DHL, TNT and UPS express services in China and Hong Kong.

Yanwen Tracking number Instructions:

Their tracking number format starts and ends with 2 capital letters with 9 numbers between. Usually, the first letters are VR or UR and the last letters YP. A Yanwen Express tracking number can be under this format: VR123456789YP or UR123456789YP for example.

Can be with 14 Digit Code: e. g. AA9999999999AA
Can be with 2 letters+9 numbers +2 letters: e. g YC987654321YW or LO123456789CN

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