Pay As You Grow

Every Trackship account includes connecting unlimited stores, shipping and delivery stats, historical data and all the features..


Shipment Trackers

All features included!

Shipment Trackers

All features included!

Shipment Trackers

All features included!

Shipment Trackers

All features included!

Shipment Trackers

All features included!

Shipment Trackers

All features included!

50 Free Shipment Trackers for every new account!




Which Payment methods do you support?

We currently support PayPal only. TrackShip is a subscription-based service. Choose a monthly plan as per your requirement and use the plan allocated quota to track shipments. 

What if I go outside of my plan's limits?

That billing month, nothing will change. If it looks like the current month's orders will push your monthly average orders (over the past 3 months) outside of your current plan's limits, we'll let you know and the next billing month, your plan will automatically change and you'll be charged the new amount.

Can I downgrade?

yes, you can downgrade manually, you will be moved to the new plan in the your next renewal date. If your average monthly orders over the last 3 month drops below your current plan's minimum, we'll automatically downgrade you the following month. You'll only ever pay the cheapest possible price.

Can I cancel my subscription when I want?

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time in your dashboard. Once you have canceled, you'll still have access to your premium plan until the end of your subscription cycle.

If a shipment Tracker returns no result, does it count?

It doesn't. When a shipment tracker is not supported by TrackShip or returned Unknown the Shipment tracker isn't counted in your trackers balance.

What if I have multiple stores?

You can add each one of your stores to the same TrackShip account and you'll pay one price based on the combined monthly shipment trackers volume of the stores.

Does TrackShip charge for every API call?

No – we only charge per shipment trackers, no matter how many status events were created during its life cycle.