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From the point of view of eco-friendliness, the best pencils are unvarnished and without an eraser (by the way, they are found in great variety in Ikea, Leroy Merlen, etc.). And for this reason I dislike pencils with an eraser at the end because if there is one, and especially with the iron holder – it’s inconvenient to chew on it. I love open-source technologies and am very passionate about software development. I like to share my knowledge with others, especially on technology that’s why I have given all the examples as simple as possible to understand for beginners.

The manufacturer might not plan for the pencil to be put in a blender and might not design it to survive such treatment. You may not want to spend the extra time testing something that is not (yet) supported. Leave them out of your stationery (on test day and during your test preparation) now until after the test. We suggest that you make a decision about your stationery needs as soon as you start preparing for OET.

General criteria for evaluating tests:

Updating a test case also provides a new field where you can drop or upload a file. These attachments will be shown when running a test and keep helpful information in one place. For example, add the expected output as an attachment, and the tester can compare this document side by side with the one that’s generated while running the test. Attachments can also be useful when you have to compare documents, such as invoices. Here we have covered some performance test cases to check the performance of the pen.

  • You may not want to spend the extra time testing something that is not (yet) supported.
  • Rajkumar SM is a founder of SoftwareTestingMaterial.
  • Attachments can also be useful when you have to compare documents, such as invoices.
  • When creating a test case, there is  a + More option with fields to assign requirements, risks and applications to the case.
  • Here we have covered some functional test cases to check the functionality of the pen.

However, lack of any explanation makes me doubt the analytical capabilities of the candidate. I was hoping for some RBG (or some qualitative) color matching techniques that go beyond the limited capabilities of the human eye. You IT blog also don’t want to get into bad habits of using something in your preparation such as a highlighter or correction fluid which you are not allowed to use during the test. You will feel slightly lost in the Writing sub-test.

Peformance Test Cases For Pen

A minute ago, the candidate indicated that he would talk to the developer when testing an undocumented feature. And here, I find a total lack of application of said process. I also find that an assumption is being made – the pencil can be sharpened. What if this is a mechanical pencil that needs no sharpening? Since I didn’t provide any requirements, I expected the requirements to be hashed out before any kind of test scenarios would be listed. The proverbial cart is definitely before the proverbial horse here.

test case for pencil

A partially color blind person like me would be a terrible tester for testing anything green in color. I imagine my family malady extends to other colors in the visible spectrum as well. What are the different types of colors the pencil can color in? I respond by citing the rainbow colors and one usual black pencil for writing. Now the candidate is thinking about different kinds of pencils and suddenly the test surface increases.

Determines the film hardness by pencil test (Wolff-Wilborn) in accordance with ISO 15184 and ASTM D3363

When testing a pencil’s lead, you should draw a line using light pressure. If the lead wears down with just one or two strokes, it’s too soft and will not provide enough writing material. On the other hand, if the point is still very sharp after one or two strokes, it’s too hard and may cause paper tears due to its brittle quality. One of the most important things you can do when testing a pencil is to see how the pencil functions on different materials. Try writing with your pencil on paper, sandpaper, ice, wood, plastic, and glass.

test case for pencil

Finally, in the test you will only be allowed to carry your stationery items in a clear plastic bag. While you might feel more confident with your favourite pencil case or stationery box, they are not allowed in the test. If you don’t see the option to add requirements, risks or applications, the features may not be enabled. You can enable these features in project settings. While looking for a logical answer to the question “How to test a toothbrush”, I came across your post on the same question about the pencil.

Security Testing

To test a pencil for quality assurance, you’ll want to inspect the lead under different light sources. What if this is the only pencil the user expects to own for the next five years? If there’s no consistency, then the pencil may not be worth buying or using because it won’t be reliable. ‘B’ is the measurement of blackness of the pencil lead. Any stationery shop selling a range of pencils will have the ‘B’ measurements written on the pencil somewhere.

This makes test cases visible on the details pages of the other features for easy reference. Assigning these other fields to test cases also allows you to filter test results, linked issues and project reports later on to help keep you organized. Let’s get started with some sample test scenarios for pens based on different types of software testing. If an interviewer asks you to write the test cases for a pen then you can go with exploratory testing for testing a pen. You have to cover all the features of the pen and write test scenarios of pen.

This pencil would never need to write anything, on anything. Its testing must be performed during the design phase and at every step of its construction, much like a bridge over a river. If the testing commences after this pencil has been built, testing is likely too late. My wife can differentiate among a zillion shades of green.

test case for pencil

Once your pencil is sharp, you can perform this test to check its hardness. If the pencil leaves a mark, it’s too soft and won’t write well. If the pencil does not leave a mark, it’s too hard and will break easily. The perfect pencil will leave a light mark on your skin.

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You can relate and remove requirements, risks and applications from multiple test cases at once using multi-select. If you have defined custom fields for test cases, they will show up here when the Show on Form option is enabled. You can manage your custom fields for test cases in the Custom fields section in the project settings. Here we have covered some negative test cases that check the applications behaviour and robustness under unforeseen circumstances.

test case for pencil

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