Keep Your Customers Informed with Shipping & Delivery Updates

Let your Customers with proactive shipment status updates. Auto-send email notifications from your store triggered by changes in the shipment status, e.g. In Transit, Out For Delivery, Delivered or failed delivery attempt.

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Emails are Sent From Your Store

All shipment status notifications are sent from your store, the same as the standard transactional emails that are sent from your store

Automated Email Notifications

Select when to send out automated notifications based on the shipment status, e.g. in transit, out for delivery, delivered.

Fully Customizable

Customize the shipment status emails, edit the subject, heading, content, choose if to include order items and more…

Late Shipment Notifications

Get notified by email whenever one of your active shipments is late and take action to avoid frustrated customers

Further engage your customers after shipping with a branded tracking experience!

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