How it Works

TrackShip integrates with WooCommerce using the Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin, once you install the plugin and connect TrackShip to your store, TrackShip will push shipment status updates to your orders until the order is delivered to your customer. By having the tracking info, trackShip will add advanced features and you’ll be able to set personalised email notifications and a tracking page.

Connect trackShip to WooCommerce

Connect TrackShip to your WooCommerce store in 4 simple steps:

Install the Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce for WooCommerce. After you’ll connect your store, you can be easily manage most of trackShip features directly from your WooCommerce admin panel.

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

At this step, you will need to enter your WooCommerce store url, make sure to use https in your URL and click on the connect button to be directed to your store to API permissions dialog.

You will be directed to your WooCommerce store to give trackShip permissions to  connect to your store using the WooCommerce Rest API. and update the shipment tracking status of your orders. 

On your dashboard you will see your store in the connected store list. you can click on the store name to be directed to TrackShip Setings on your store or from your WordPress admin go to WooCommere > Shipment Tracking > TrackShip

Connection troubleshooting


This means Advanced shipment tracking plugin is deactivated on your store. You need to active Advanced shipment tracking plugin.


This might be if TrackShip’s read/write Rest API key has been changed on your side to just read or permissions have been revoked. 

To fix this, you can delete your store connection from TrackShip dashboard and re-connect it and it should generate new API keys and fix this issue.


You may have a security plugin on your site that won’t let TrackShip to make write requests. Check the settings for it and see if you can disable this or if not, contact us and we can confirm this is the issue and provide further instructions for whitelisting TrackShip.

If it’s not a plugin causing it, it’s likely a server/hosting configuration is blocking http requests from external websites. It could be a rule that is blocking write requests, or perhaps a trailing slash redirect sending POST API requests to a 404.

You’ll need to contact your hosting company and ask to remove the block. Also, edit your .htaccess file by adding the following code above # BEGIN WordPress :

Settings TrackShip on WooCommerce

General Settings.

  • Enable/Disable TrackShip integration
  • Set order status delivered when shipment status is delivered. 

Tracking Page

  • Select Tracking Page
  • Choose if to direct customers to the Tracking page on your store or to the shipping carrier websites
  • Customize the tracking page – Choose main color and border
  • Option to preview the tracking page design

Show custom order number in tracking page

If you are using custom order number plugin then please this filter to show custom order number in tracking page.

add_filter( 'ast_order_number_filter', 'ast_order_number_filter_func', 10, 1 );
function ast_order_number_filter_func( $order_id ) {
$wcj_order_number = get_post_meta( $order_id, "_wcj_order_number", true);
if( $wcj_order_number )$order_id = $wcj_order_number;
return $order_id;

Shipment Status Email Notifications

Enable the automated shipment status emails to notify your customers on shipment status updates:

In Transit, Return To Sender, Available for Pickup, Out for Delivery, Failed Attempt, Delivered.

Customize the Shipment Status Emails

Fully customize the Shipment status emails:

  • Option to remove default WooCommerce email sections: Tracking info, order details, Shipping and Billing Address.
  • Customize email subject, headers and content. Use WooCommerce default variables and custom customer Shipment Status and Est. Delivery Date.

Single Order admin

Once you enabled, add shipment tracking info to your orders, change the order status to “Shipped” (completed) and seat back and relax! From this point, TrackShip will proactively update your WooCommerce order with shipment tracking status until the package is delivered to your customers.

Orders admin

Once you enabled, add shipment tracking info to your orders, change the order status to “Shipped” (completed) and seat back and relax! From this point, TrackShip will proactively update your WooCommerce order with shipment tracking status until the package is delivered to your customers.

Getting Tracking Status

After adding tracking info to orders, the trigger for sending the tracking info toTrackShip is to change the Order Status change to Shipped.

TrackShip will not track orders in your store that are already In Shipped status. (Completed). If you have orders that are already in Shipped status, mark these orders and from the bulk actions menu, choose the Get Shipment Status option or on a single order you can do it from the Order Actions menu.

TrackShip Account


On your dashboard you will see all your info, your active subscription plan, trackers balances, shipment tracking report overview and your connected stores. From the dashboard you can connect your first store or additional stores.

Shipment Trackers

In the shipment trackers page, you can view all your shipment tracking history, filter the list by shipment status, date, tracking providers and search by tracking number.


In Analytics page it shows full report of your shipment tracking activity. you can filter the reports by date, and view detailed info by status and shipping provider. 

Tracking Statuses

Unknown – The Tracking # is not valid or does not match the provider or not supported

Pre Transit – .The label is created and the carrier has received request from shipper and is about to pick up the shipment

In Transit – The shipment is on the way, the carrier has accepted or picked up and scanned the shipment. 

Available for Pickup – The shipment is ready to pickup.

Out for Delivery – Carrier is about to deliver the shipment

Failed Attempt – Carrier attempted to deliver but failed, and usually leaves a notice and will try to deliver the package again.

Cancelled – the delivery has been cancelled

Carrier Unsupported – trackShip does not support this shipping provider

Return To Sender – Shipment is returned to sender

Delivered – The shipment was delivered successfully

Invalid Tracking Number – The Tracking # is not valid

Wrong Shipping Provider – The Shipping Provider was entered invalid.