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Setup & Configuration

TrackShip for WooCommerce seamlessly integrates into WooCommerce store to optimize your WooCommerce post-shipping workflow.

The Shipping and delivery email notifications are sent from your store the same way and in the same design template as any other WooCommerce emails, the shipment tracking status will display on the orders admin and you can direct your customer to a tracking page on your store.

To set up TrackShip on your store, go to WordPress > TrackShip > Settings

General Settings

  • Order Status to Trigger the Tracking – Select the WooCommerce Order Status that should trigger the tracking on TrackShip.
  • Display Shipment Status Filter on the Orders admin – add shipment status filter to the orders admin filters, enabling this option might slow your orders admin if you process large amounts of orders.

Enable Custom Order Status Delivered – You can enable a Custom Order Status “Delivered” and edit the status label colors. When you enable this custom status, TrackShip will automatically change the Order Status to Delivered when all the order shipments are delivered and automate your Post-shipping orders flow.

WooCommerce post-shipping workflow after connecting TrackShip:

Map the Shipping Providers.

When you use the Advanced Shipment Tracking plguin, you can map the shipping providers from the Shipping providers list, when you use the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking extension and you can to add tracking numbers to your orders, you can map the Shipping Provider names you get from your shipping company to TrackShip’s providers names on the settings page: