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Account info

In the TrackShip account page, you can view and edit your account info, you can link your social account.


To check your subscription plan navigate to TrackShip Account > Subscription

Balance Log

To view your balance log navigate to TrackShip Account > Balance Log


To view your orders and download the invoice navigate to TrackShip Account > orders


To view your connected stores navigate to TrackShip Account > Stores

Carrier Accounts

You can optionally link your carrier accounts to TrackShip, you can navigate to  TrackShip Account > Carrier accounts and add the API keys and connect the accounts. This option will allow TrackShip to track your shipments on your behalf. We currently only offer Australia Post and StarTrack.

You can edit or view your Account number, API key, Password.

How to get Australia Post and StarTrack API Keys

For improved Australia Post and StarTrack tracking results, you can integrate your Australia Post account with TrackShip. To do that, you will need to generate your Australia Post or StarTrack API key and secret in the Australia Post developer Centre.


Before you begin, you will need the following:

  • The Australia Post API is only available to contract customers, so you’ll need a contract with Australia Post or Star Track.
  • you’ll need your Australia Post or StarTrack account number.

How to Get generate the API Keys

Navigate to the Australia Post Developers Centre – https://developers.auspost.com.au/register and create an account or use your MyPost account and use it to log in to the Developer Centre – https://developers.auspost.com.au/apis

Click “Register for a key”:

Click on “Complete registration” on the register for a shipping & tracking API key page

Complete the registration form using your Australia Post, StarTrack, or the Same Day/On Demand account number.

How to Add the API Keys to your TrackShip Account

In your TrackShip account dashboard, navigate to Account > Carrier accounts and add the following information to the Australia Post and StarTrack:

  1. Account number
  2. API Key
  3. API Secret