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Tracking Page on Your Store

You can direct your customers to a detailed tracking page on your store instead of directing them to the shipping providers websites.

Set Up the Tracking Page

You can customize the tracking page theme and select the main color, border, choose if to display the carrier logo and detailed tracking events. You can see how your Tracking page design in a live preview.

Select Tracking Page – The tracking page is created on your store by the AST plugin with the [wcast-track-order] shortcode and its selected by

User can also add custom tracking URL instead of pages. For example – user can add My Account endpoint by selecting other option in select tracking page dropdown and you will see option for add tracking page URL.

Tracking Widget Options

  • default in case you enable the Tracking Page.
  • Color – the color will be used for headers and general color of the tracking widget.
  • Border Color – select the border color for the tracking widget
  • Remove branding – remove the Trackship branding from tracking page footer of the tracking widget
  • Hide Shipping Providers Image – hides the carrier image from the widget
  • Hide tracking events – hides the shipment tracking events from the widget

Tracking Widgets examples

Please note – if you use a tracking page, AST adds a unique order key when generating the tracking link and the tracking info will display only if the customer clicked the tracking link from my account and from the order email, if a customer gets to the tracking page without the order key in the URL, they will be required to enter their email and order id to view the tracking details. Store admins get the same tracking link on the order admin.

Rename the Shipping Providers

In some cases, if you’re a drop-shipper or need to have a white label shipping service, and you do not want your customers to see the actual shipping provider name on the tracking page, you can rename it from AST’s shipping providers list

How to edit the shipping provider name/image

How to edit the content of the tracking page form

If anyone tries to enter the tracking page directly and not from the tracking link, they are required to enter their order number and email address to be able to see the results.

In case you need to change the texts and form labels you can do it with the following code snippet in your theme functions.php file:

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