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Tracking Page

You can direct your customers to a detailed tracking page on your store instead of directing them to the shipping providers websites. 

Tracking Page – the shipment tracking page is created  by the AST plugin and selected by default and we add to the page content the TrackShip shortcode [wcast-track-order]

If you want to use a different page than the default as your shipment tracking page, choose this page in the Tracking Page settings and make sure you add the [wcast-track-order] shortcode to the page content.

Please note – if you use a tracking page, AST adds a unique order key when generating the tracking link and the tracking info will display only if the customer clicked the tracking link from my account and from the order email, if a customer gets to the tracking page without the order key in the URL, they will be required to enter their email and order id to view the tracking details. Store admins get the same tracking link on the order admin.

You can customize the tracking page theme and select the main color, border, choose if to display the carrier logo and detailed tracking events. You can see how your Tracking page design in a live preview.

Note: If you do not want your customers to see the shipping provider name on the tracking page, please use the rename code snippet in your functions.php file

Tracking Page Example:

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