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Setup TrackShip on WooCommerce

TrackShip fully integrates with WooCommerce with the Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin and all its features can be easily managed directly from your WooCommerce admin

After you connected your store to TrackShip, you can set up TrackShip on your WooCommerce admin.

Click on your store from the TrackShip dashboard to get directly to the settings:

Or on your WordPress admin, navigate to: 

WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > TrackShip

The main setting page will display the connection status, your TrackShip subscription plan status and the shipment Trackers balance.

General Settings

  • Enable/Disable TrackShip integration
  • Set order status delivered when shipment status is delivered –  you can automate your order management flow and set to change the order status to Delivered once the order is delivered to your customers.
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