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Get Shipment Tracking Status

The trigger to auto-track shipments with TrackShip is by adding tracking information to the order and changing the order status from Processing to Shipped (Completed).

TrackShip will track orders in your store that are marked as Shipped (Completed) after you connected your store to TrackShip. If you have orders that were marked as Shipped before you connected your store or while your trackers balance was 0, you will need to manually send them to be tracked by TrackShip.

Manually Get Shipment Status

You can manually send shipment to track by TrackShip, from the WooCommerce orders admin, mark these orders and choose to Get Shipment Status from the bulk actions menu. You can Get Shipment Status for a single orders from the Order Actions menu.

Bulk Get Shipment Status

You can also send all the orders that were not sent to TrackShip from the last 30 days (limited to 100 orders at a time).

Navigate to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > TrackShip > Tools and on the “Get Shipment Tracking” panel you will get the option to bulk get shipment tracking for these orders:

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