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Connect TrackShip to WooCommerce

Connect TrackShip to your WooCommerce store in 4 simple steps:

1. Install the Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce, most of TrackShip’s features are managed from on WooCommerce admin from the AST plugin’s settings.

2. Login to your TrackShip account, from the dashboard, click on connect your store and a dialog box will open where you need to type your WooCommerce store URL and click on connect, make sure to use secured URL with HTTPS.

3. You will be directed to your WooCommerce store to provide trackShip permissions to connect to your store using the WooCommerce REST API. TrackShip require this permission to be able to update your orders with shipment tracking status changes.

4. On your dashboard you will see your store in the connected store list. you can click on the store name to be directed to TrackShip Setings on your store or from your WordPress admin go to WooCommere > Shipment Tracking > TrackShip

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