Cyber Security Specialist Job Description +2024 TEMPLATE

The cybersecurity job market has grown so rapidly over the past several years, that applicants usually have lots of options. A Cybersecurity Analyst is a professional who helps design and implement security systems to protect an organization’s computer networks from cyber attacks. Here are the requirements and skills you need to pursue a cybersecurity career. Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience.

cybersecurity job descriptions

Finding the right job within the most restrictive hiring path, the path for which a candidate is afforded preferred status is generally advantageous. Their willingness and ability to provide top-notch training is a notable benefit for many employees. Most government jobs are based outside of the nations’ capital, Washington, DC. Working for the federal government provides opportunities not available anywhere else. The government is responsible for protecting our environment, strengthening the nation’s security, ensuring the safety of our skies, helping kids get a good education, and investigating federal crime.

Cybersecurity analyst job description

According to, the average salary for a junior penetration tester is $70,000. These programs are designed for experienced students that are looking for a deeper dive into a specific cybersecurity topic area. Entry-level security professionals can expect to handle lower-level security matters such as log monitoring, maintaining backups, and managing updates. Before deciding whether or not to spend money on formal education, these online classes can introduce students to the basics of the cybersecurity field.

In addition, there are several relevant certifications that can boost your security analyst career. Just looking at CompTIA, their Security+ and CySA+ (cybersecurity analyst) certifications align with many tier 1 and tier 2 SOC analyst roles. Entry-level positions might require minimal experience but usually require a relevant degree or certification. Higher-level roles often require several years of experience, sometimes in a specific area of cybersecurity.

Professional Certificate in Cybersecurity

However, that number isn’t adjusted for the pricey cost of living in San Francisco, so that’s one more thing to keep in mind. Check out the careers section for more detailed guides on cybersecurity jobs. It includes an online application cybersecurity specialist program process along with hints, tips, and guidelines for finding the best possible job for each candidate. American Indians or Alaskan Natives who are members of one of the federally recognized tribes may be eligible for Indian preference.

  • On average, across the United States there are 5.8 employed workers for each job opening.
  • Each job announcement lists “who may apply” – that’s the hiring path – and “qualifications” to help applicants understand if they meet the job’s requirements.
  • It’s safe to say that wherever technology exists, there is a need for cybersecurity.
  • The proliferation of ransomware and other attacks has increased demand for experts who can analyze how the software works and devise a response.
  • Her mantra is to ensure human beings control technology, not the other way around.

The role is a fairly new one in many companies, and qualified candidates are in high demand. Learn how one IT security engineer landed his current job, the skills and training that helped him get there, and where his sights are set now. Crafting a good cyber security job description is a big challenge, because each company has different needs and has its own expectations for each role on the security team.

Cybersecurity manager job description

A cybersecurity analyst is a trained IT professional who focuses on the security of IT networks and infrastructure. Moreover, a cybersecurity analyst specializes in safeguarding against cyberattacks and malware. They also have a deep understanding of how cybercriminals operate so that they can preempt cyberattacks and stop breeches.

Developers with a security focus will be in strong demand, especially for financial, cloud and internet of things applications. The move to security consultant can be rewarding and challenging (in a good way), but be prepared to market and sell yourself and your services. The proliferation of ransomware and other attacks has increased demand for experts who can analyze how the software works and devise a response.

Cybersecurity jobs — a growth story

Once again, is a useful resource as it shows which cybersecurity positions are entry level and which require more experience. When thinking about finding the right cybersecurity degree or certification, it is helpful to understand some specific cybersecurity job requirements. Additionally, federal employment positions that include access to sensitive information require a security clearance. This requirement includes individuals employed by private firms in the capacity of a contractor for the federal government. Members of the National Guard, or applicants that are willing and able to join the National Guard, may be eligible to apply for federal jobs located within a National Guard unit. The National Guard and Reserves set their own qualification requirements and are not subject to the appointment, pay, and classification rules in Title 5, United States Code.

cybersecurity job descriptions

Each year CISA participates in a variety of career fairs, webinars, and hiring events. They seek to hire candidates with a background in cybersecurity, human resources, infrastructure security, and risk assessment. Candidates should not expect that they will be required to start at a GS-1 and ascend from there. This is especially true for employees in professional, technical, administrative, or clerical jobs.

According to data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS), the demand for cybersecurity jobs like information security analysts will grow by as much as 31 percent over the next ten years. The BLS notes the median annual salary for information security analysts is $112,000 per year [1]. One of the key drivers in hiring for cybersecurity professionals is the amount of data that companies are collecting today. Data breaches are frustratingly common and many large companies want to hire cybersecurity professionals to build more secure systems. According to Payscale, the average annual salary for a cybersecurity professional with a master’s degree is $86,858.

cybersecurity job descriptions

Adding certifications like CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) can validate your skills in the cybersecurity field and prepare you for a more advanced role within your organization. There are many more openings for security systems administrators than qualified applicants. That creates opportunities for IT professionals willing to get the training and certification. You could potentially start off in another cybersecurity role, perhaps as an intern, and move into an analyst role as you build up experience.

CompTIA certifications establish a baseline foundation of skills that you can build upon with other vendor or technology-specific certifications. Our comprehensive guide explores the essentials of Identity and Access Management (IAM), covering its role in cybersecurity, components, benefits, and more. Information security, a broader cybersecurity-related category, concerns protecting all data and information assets, whether in hard copy or digital form.

cybersecurity job descriptions

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