Your Post-Shipping & Delivery Autopilot

Trackship is a Multi-Carrier Shipment Tracking API that seamlessly integrates into your store, auto-tracks all your shipments, automates your orders flow, reduces the time spent on customer service and lets you provide a superior post-purchase experience to your customers.

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How it Works

Auto-Track Shipments with 200+ Shipping Providers


TrackShip’s Multi-Carrier Tracking API auto-tracks shipments with 200+ shipping providers across the globe. Track Ship will auto-track your shipment and proactively update your orders whenever there is a change in the shipment status, until the shipments are delivered to your customers.

Automate Your Post-Shipping Workflow

TrackShip fully integrates into your store, automates your orders management flow, displays up-to-date shipment status on your admin, triggers automated delivery notifications directly from your store and auto-sets the orders status to Delivered once the shipments are delivered to your customers.

Keep Your Customers Informed with Shipping & Delivery Updates

Let your Customers with proactive shipment status updates. Auto-send email notifications from your store triggered by changes in the shipment status, e.g. In Transit, Out For Delivery, Delivered or failed delivery attempt.

Further Engage Your Customers With a Tracking Page

Direct your customers to a detailed tracking page on your store Instead of sending them to track their orders on the carriers websites.

Tracking & Delivery Analytics

Analyse shipping & delivery performance using tracking data. Find out exceptions for your past shipments and get an overview of your historic shipments data, find shipments by shipping provider, shipment & delivery status, ship date and more..


TrackShip seamlessly integrates into your WooCommerce Store with the Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin and most if its features are managed in your WooCommerce admin.

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